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"Remember little grasshopper - collecting Starbucks stuff is fun"

 A Real Pedal Car Rally!!! (thanks "ik")

Get inspired - see photos below of your fellow collectors collections!!!

This site is for informational purposes only, therefore we do not sell any bears on this site. If you want to start your own collection and are not sure where to start, the following links are good outlets for finding Bearista Bears and other Starbucks Collectibles. While we show you the links, none of the linked sites are endorsed by nor are we responsible for the outcome of any transaction in which you may chose to engage. Prices can vary wildly from seller to seller. Make sure you read the details about the item you are interested in and always ask questions if you are not sure about something.

Search eBay for Starbucks Bears
JavaBear Collectibles
GoodWill Auction Site

The following pages will help you understand the most important aspects of collecting Bearista Bears.

Bear Care The Basics Bear Chart

The Basic = An introduction to collecting Bearista Bears
Bear Chart = An Excel Spreadsheet listing the specific particulars of each of the Bearista Bears

The following is an Amazing Collection (not mine unfortunately)


Here is Liz's Collection


check out the Links & More page for more collections....

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