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Special Issue Bears                                                                                                         11/05/03

Starbucks Limited Edition Bearista Bear from the Starbucks Leadership Conference 2003

Front: Magic Moments: One Human Being at a Time Back: Starbucks Coffee Company
This bear was given to attendees of the Leadership conference. The bear is not available in retail stores. Supposedly only 1500 were made.
(pictures and info from awesomecheapstuff)


The Gondolier Bearista Bear was issued in Starbucks Concept Stores (grocery stores) only. He is NOT a numbered edition, but he sure is cute. There is a rumor floating around that some of the gondolier bears were sent to a few retail stores by accident.


"Mini Bearista Collection"
"Bunny Basket Bear"

This tiny 4" bear was sold in only a few stores. He resembles the #3 bear, but was released in 2002 as part of the "Mini Bearista Collection".

 His little Easter basket is in the shape of a white picket fence and contains candy.

Mini Bearistas

This is the Pike Place Bearista Bear. Only sold at the 1st Starbucks Store in Seattle, Washington -Sold in 2002, Tush Tag (c) 2001

He has a sticker inside the hang tag which is just about the only way you can tell him apart from the #15 Asia Bear.

This bear does NOT have a button on its left foot, nor is the series number on the Tush Tag.


(photo by stubbybub)

"Passport to Perfection Bear" - 2000

This Bearista was handed to Starbucks employees ONLY at the 2000 Northeast Zone Leadership Conference.

The Bear is slightly smaller than the usual Bearista Bears and I think made by a different company. He has a white scarf around his neck with "PASSPORT TO PERFECTION" and "NORTHEAST ZONE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE" written on it in red.

Tag says "Northeast Zone Leadership Conference May 2000" on the front and "Passport to Performance - Meeting New Challenges Together - Starbucks Coffee" on the back in red. Tush tag says Princess Soft Toys on front and the usual washing instructions on the back.
(Thanks wylie_will)

Note:  The hang tag picture shows the goggles


"Experience Matters" - 2001

This Bearista was released to Partners Only
 and was not available for sale in the stores.


"Summer Time Twins" - 2002

Released in only a few US markets (San Diego was one) and in Asia, the Summer Bears are the 1st set. The set contains the first female Bearista Bear released in the series.

Magnets of this darling couple
were released in Asia.

"Pike Place Brown Apron" - 2002 & 2003

This Bearista is the latest Pike Place original.
It is only sold there.

Its special touch - the OLD logo on the hang tag!

This Bearista was released in a 2003 version, so check the Tootsie Button to tell them apart.


The following is a picture of the Pike Place Market in Seattle.


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